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Nothing's Stronger Than Family

With all of these Fast and Furious memes about family it had me thinking, although hilarious; in a sense It's true. The car community has a weird tight knit where acceptance in debatable but for the most part we all respect what each other do.

Fast and Furious

I grew up around cars mainly due to my cousin and although him and I aren't close, rather he wasn't very fond of me but the one thing we could always relate and connect through was cars. As I got older and got my first car in 2009 (2006 STi) I strived  to have a cooler and better car than him or at least on the same level, which I've yet to accomplish. Call it deranged but I feel like that's what the community is essentially like. We all have an opinion whether good or bad on someone's car but that's because we subconsciously feel as if they're our competition. It's a weird deep down jealousy but fondness for the hard work someone has put into their piece of work. The fondness stemming from the blood, sweat and tears we put into building our dream car.

Motor Fads 2006 STi
Motor Fads 2006 Voltex STi

We all have a deep down feeling of wanting to be better than the next whether is 24k gold wheels, the freshest paint job, the cleanest wide body or the biggest and most bad turbo. Although dysfunctional, accepted or not we all have the same love for a lifestyle and all in essence make each other better and elevate this amazing community to the next level. We might not be able to conquer a whole ass military squadron but we sure as hell can put on a show.

Voltex Evo 9
Cousins Voltex Evo 9

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