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Car shows: Stuck on idle

2009, that’s when I entered the car scene full scale, and depending who you ask it’s been a long ride. I attended every show and meet I possibly could and if I recall, HIN Los Angeles was my first event. I’m not sure if it was the loud music and lights or the variety of unique cars, but it was one of the most memorable shows I’ve been to. 

Seeing this culture evolve and grow has been incredible, but in the past few years it has gotten stale. I don’t mean to sound like the snarky old guy talking about the good-ole days, and don’t get me wrong the hard work and dedication put into each build is praiseworthy, but the lack of attention to detail has been diminished. As much as I love the way a rocket bunny kit looks on an FRS/BRZ it’s been so outplayed, sorry if I hurt your feelings but the culture has come to just throwing on a wide body or worse, some bolted on fender flares and wheels. Whose to blame though, it’s great eye candy as I scroll through my Instagram feed, but are you any better than the Instagram models you hate on? 

I do however believe that a shift in culture is in the works, and that going that route in modifications won’t get the traction via Instagram likes and comments like it does now. In which direction is it headed? I wish I could tell you, but I already see a select few who are pushing the boundaries beyond aesthetics. I honestly hope that it moves in a more detailed oriented culture, and this goes beyond just the cars, I believe it applies to the events as well. 

Car shows have gotten more predictable and that applies to both ends, participants and audience. I’ve had my fair share of miles, walking around inspecting and taking photos of cars, star gazing at the models, endlessly spinning a wheel in hopes of winning a T-shirt, and watching one too many dance competition and bikini shows just to then end up aimlessly walking around in a circle again. The ante needs to be raised, why can’t we have a Coachella of car shows, how insane would it be to see Travis Scott’s Aventador, then go watch him live on stage a few hundred feet away, I mean look at Shaun Whites Air + Style. An event is about an experience and it should encapsulate the culture while being memorable, and to be quite frank I can barely differentiate the last show from the next. 

What are your thoughts?

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